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Mazzarello Campus Newsletter:

Working Bee 2: 20th June

One priority of the Mazzarello Campus has been to improve the surrounds of the buildings, work began last year and has contiued this year. On Saturday 20th June staff, students and members from over twenty families gathered to continnue this process. The morning saw a great amount of manual and construction work completed. Works included, the restoring of the original farm stock yards, gardens beds edged with redgum sleepers, the mulching of the fruit box planters and the planting out of the Horticultural Patch.

The stockyards are now able to accommodate our Corriedale stud sheep and Speckle Park Stud heifers, bringing the farm closer to our classrooms. We are also well on the way in producing a bumper crop of vegetables for the upcoming Harvest Food Festival planned for October this year.

The pizza oven was lit early in the morning with students assisting in cooking pizzas for everyone to enjoy as a well deserved lunch. We would like to recognise the efforts of all participants who gave up their personal time for the College.





Melbourne City Experience

A student’s opinion of themself and of their place in their community, are significant determinants in their learning. The notion of ‘living and learning in community’ underpins the Mazzarello program. Students gain opportunities to develop tolerance, empathy and appreciation of others, whilst investigating our capital city of Melbourne

The Melbourne City Experience program is designed to respond to the learning and social needs of young people. The City Experience will challenge students’ personal and academic development. It will offer a wonderful opportunity for students to be active citizens and understand the value of self-direction and responsibility as key steps towards greater maturity and life-long learning.

The City Experience gives students the opportunity to undertake action-based research linked to aspects of the city of Melbourne. The experience will involve exploring the CBD and learning independence, teamwork, trust, problem-solving and discovery.

Prior to their city experience, students will work with their Challenge teachers to determine which aspects they will investigate. Each class will engage students in the planning and budgeting for the excursion into the city.

The City Experience will run over Term 3, it will occur on Friday’s during Challenge classes. The Program will be made up of two components. Students will participate in planned “Fact Finding” City visits in order for them to gain an awareness of travelling to & from the city, the street layout of Melbourne and particular behaviour protocols when visiting the city. Secondly students will be required to plan, design, develop and lead a themed Melbourne “Walking Tour”.

Students have received a City Experience Handbook and Permission Forms. The forms are to be returned to CORE Teachers no later than Friday 17th July. Should parents or guardians have any concerns in regards to the City Experience they are asked to contact Mazzarello CORE Teachers.

Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director