Pathways and VCAL Work Placement


During the last two weeks of each term, all Pathways and VCAL students participate in Work Placement. This is an integral part of the program and assists our students in developing the required skills to fully participate in the Workplace.

Below is a reflection from Tiana Murphy Yr 11 who is currently on Work Placement at Western Water.

I have come to Western Water to do some work experience with the Communications Team, alongside three other Salesian students who are working with different teams. I was asked to interview Nicole Misurelli about my work experience process and other student's opportunities with Western Waters work experience.

Nicole has been here for six months in the People and Culture team, she said that during this time Western Water and has hosted a number of work experience for year tens, elevens and twelves, from a few different schools.

"We think it's a valuable thing that we should do more to support our local school communities".

Nicole was contacted by the student's Business Teacher [Gary Hickey], she then put out an email to the Managers to see whether people were able to accommodate some student placements. The response was overwhelming and very positive; there were four or five different areas of the business where managers were very open and welcoming to the students.

Western Water will respond positively when they get requests from other schools.

Nicole says it would be good to offer work experience to more local schools and build good relationships with them too.

Tiana Murphy, Year 11


Below are some of our other students undertaking placements locally.