Outdoor Education

Salesian Outdoor Education classes and the revegetation program with Western Water

On Thursday June 11th twenty Outdoor and Environmental Studies students were invited to Western Waters Annual revegetation program at Deep Creek near Romsey. Students were joined by the local Landcare group of Romsey where we added to the other thousands of trees that have been planted along the creek in the last eight years. The Landcare group were aware of the species to plant and where on the creek bank they had best chances of survive. The students planted, stacked and placed guards around each tree and managed a total of 600 trees in three hours of labour. For many it was a labour of love as we were in a very beautiful part of the creek in perfect sunshine. The ripple sounds of the creek added to the ambience. Western Water then treated the students to a luncheon near the water treatment plant. Well-deserved for their hard work. I would like to thank Western Water for involving us in this annual event as it is a valuable contribution to our environments and as students would agree a wonderful opportunity to work with our community.

Quotes form some of our Unit 4 Outdoor Education students below;

- “Getting out and knowing that you are doing something which will benefit the environment is such a great feeling.” Hannah Stevens MY-5

- “It was fantastic to be a part of the tree planting day with Western Water, knowing that the revegetated plants along the banks of Deep Creep will assist in sustaining our environment in generations to come.“ Gabby Jackson

- “The Deep Creek tree planting day was a very rewarding experience. The people at western water were very welcoming and made it an enjoyable day!” Daniel Castle.

- “We were privileged to work with western water in tree planting, and it was great to see the area of Romsey with gorgeous green grass and healthy soils compared to ones from Salesian college which are poor. Our group we're then rewarded subway and hot chips for our hard work planting hundreds of different plant species along the Deep Creek, even though it was in fact very shallow.” Karl Foster