Savio Campus News

Student Achievement

Commendations were awarded to the following students at our recent assembly:

Theresa Hannan (Year 7, Maiocco) for her outstanding extra effort in her RE assignment.

Ava Salopayevs and Matilda Gavaghan. Both these girls are in a nationally recognised gymnastics program and train 20 hours a week. They currently do five 4 hour sessions with only Wednesday evenings and Sundays off. On their Wednesday evenings off though they are currently rehearsing for the College production. Ava and Tilly have competitions starting in July and Victorian trials in October and they are hoping to make the National squad later in the year.

Year 7 2016 Information Night

Last week we held our Year 7/2016 Information Night. My thanks to the Savio Leaders who attended as part of their duties. We had a number of other volunteers also who took groups or assisted with the language presentation. Many thanks to:

  • Teagan Fox
  • Rick Daicos
  • Nikita Daicos
  • Michelle Grover
  • Aliera Jaegar
  • Amaya Fernando
  • Theresa Hannan
  • Abigail Chatman
  • Jessica Scoble
  • Carla Hancock
  • Stella Marciano
  • Alannah Monaco
  • Nicole Brideson
  • Hannah Thorne
  • Miette Lane Welsh
  • Alex Dyer
  • Larah Bowering
  • Jackson Stafford
  • Zachary Vescovi
  • Jackson Pumpa


Swimming - We came 3rd in the Junior Boys and won the Junior Girls and came first overall in the Junior section so it was a mighty effort by our swimmers.

  • Our Under 13 Female team was Sienna Braini, Madison Kleiner, Sarah Sneddon and Tahlia West.
  • Our Under 13 Male team was James Hall, Johnathon Need, Mitchell Bruce, Hayden Lane, Matthew Bruce.
  • Our Under 14 Female team was Amy Langmaid, Kate Bourke and Olivia Jury.
  • Our Under 14 Male team was Harrison Jones, Ethan Woodvine, James Dillon, Ronan Coughlan and Reuben Faltiska.

AFL - On Monday last week our junior girls competed in the SACCSS AFL. They were captained by Keara Fitzgerald, our Sports Captain. The team won 3 out the 4 matches played. Unfortunately they lost getting into the final by 1 point but they did keep our great rivals St Monica’s scoreless. Best on ground were Shannon Horton, Alexandra Cairney and Rebecca Merrett. Well done to the team.

Year 7 representatives:

  • Georgia Hutchison
  • Jasmine Stevens
  • Tia Cairney
  • Deja La Fontaine
  • Madeline Hendy
  • Alexandra Cairney
  • Alice Mitrevics
  • Indiah Watkins
  • Jaala Van De Duim
  • Matilda Gavaghan
  • Mackenzie Hayes
  • Zoe Price
  • Leah Tucker

Year 8 representatives:

  • Perri James
  • Lucy Dillon
  • Leila Pethick
  • Keara Fitzgerald
  • Amy Bachnik
  • Olivia Halliday
  • Shannon Horton
  • Eloise Disher
  • Rebecca Merrett
  • Alex Dyer
  • Vitalia D’Monte
  • Sharna Ford
  • Jemma Brand
  • Olivia Jury
  • Emma Bellato
  • Ashley Cole

BOOST Enrichment

Our Semester One Enrichment Program is coming to an end. On Wednesday 10 June the students  presented their work in the Mansion. It was pleasing to see so many parents attending.

Parent Teacher Interviews

As Semester One draws to a close staff are busy assessing students and writing reports. Students will have a new timetable of classes come Week 10 of this term.

I look forward to seeing many of you with your children at the report collection days and goal setting interviews on Monday 22 June and Tuesday 23 June.

Narelle Stone

Campus Director