Mazzarello Campus News

Year 9 Challenge Adventure Camp

May 18 – 22 saw the Year 9 students participate in the Challenge Adventure Camp. The camp was a very different camp from previous Year 9 Camps. This year we welcomed Outdoor Education Group forming a partnership where year 9 students were able to access activities in which many of them would not have had the opportunity before. The students spent five days in the environs around Lake Eildon, approximately 2.5 hours’ drive North East of Melbourne.

The camp program supported and reinforced the Challenge curriculum of the Year 9 program, in the most practical of settings. Students worked together in small, professionally facilitated groups. They dealt directly with concepts such as leadership, followership, inclusiveness, understanding the value of working towards a common goal and the recognition of the unique attributes each individual could bring to their team. Each student had the opportunity to learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and how persistence in extending one’s often self-imposed limitations can bring success – be they physical, emotional or social.

“Last week the year nines went on a survival camp and I'm sure many others would agree it was an experience of a lifetime. Personally, I participated in the Duke of Edinburgh camp program and we took part in many activities to build our resilience and team work including hiking, rafting and a high ropes course. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole camp and would definitely do it again in the future!” Bianca, Naughton House

“I think we were able to communicate and work better with our group members on camp because it was easier to learn from each other in the outdoors and in practical activities. We were using team- building skills and values that we wouldn't get to in class or at school, either because we didn't know that person in our group or because there was no need for those skills in a classroom. I was with the same people for five days which had both its ups and downs. The best thing about it was I grew to know everyone around me even more and was then able to work better with them, help them and talk with them freely. Now I have new friends, closer friends, I have learnt new skills and I know that I can push myself further.” Caitlin, Naughton House



We hope that these experiences were shared by all participants and that every student was able to come home with a more determined attitude towards accepting and taking on new challenges. Many thanks to all staff who attended the camp, experiencing the same challenges alongside the students.

Discovery Ag & the Fish Creek Farm / Salesian College "Rupertswood" Speckle Park Cattle Scholarship

It has been a very busy time in Discovery Agriculture this term. After a lengthy and very impressive selection process, with the quality of all applicants set at a very high standard, we are pleased to announce that Jazmine Anderson, Matthew Barkman and Bianca Need are the recipients of the Fish Creek Farm / Salesian College "Rupertswood" Speckle Park Cattle Scholarship. Each of the these students are to be trained in showing stud cattle, grooming cattle, handling them and learning about top stud cattle genetics. The scholarship will involve the students attending the Stud Beef Victoria Handlers Camp in the upcoming July Holidays. The program will conclude with the three students competing at this year’s Royal Melbourne Show in the cattle handling and presentation competition.

Mr Fitzgerald’s, Mazzarello 3 class have been tendering the olive grove and vineyards with the aim of producing viable products. With the assistance of Mazzarello 5 class, Mazzarello 3 spent a number of afternoon’s picking olives from the grove trees. The students were able to pick over 250kg of olives. These olives are to be pressed into extra virgin olive oil, of which will be sold after the oil has gone through a settling process and bottled.


The students also welcomed the introduction of our Corriedale Sheep Stud. Eleven pregnant ewes arrived eight weeks ago and have been lambing over the last couple of weeks. We look forward to discovering the virtues and genetics of these sheep to increase our flock for future year 9 students.

Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director