Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

We are heading into the final 4 weeks of Semester 1, as our whole school begins Semester 2 on Monday 15 June. As we move closer to the end of the semester assessment tasks are due, exams are looming and our students find it a very challenging time. I’m sure you have already started to see this and rest assured you are not the only family going through it. How our students deal and respond to these stressful times is very different, here are some tips on how you can help.

  • Make a list of the things they need to do and get them to focus on one each night.
  • If there is no homework our students should be studying for the tests and exams that are coming up. Year 12’s can be studying for SACs.
  • Find out what environment works best for your children, it might be a good idea for them to complete homework and study in the library until 5pm and then have the evenings to themselves.
  • Create a study timetable to help keep them on track.
  • Help them to manage their distractions by having electronic devices out of study areas and bedrooms.

From a parents perspective I would encourage you to keep as calm as possible, which I know can be very difficult. It’s awful to see our children and students stressed, but life is stressful and helping them to build strategies to deal with the stress will pay off in the long run. If you are concerned though please contact the classroom teacher or the homeroom teacher for a chat, they will be able to clarify tasks or concerns and sometimes things aren’t as bad as they appear.


The exam timetable will be published shortly and it is important that students get a head start with studying. This free parent study guide is a great resource, I would strongly encourage you to have a look. 

Red Tick Study

Guiding your Child to Better Study

Key dates

Monday 1 June – Year 11 Exams Commence

Tuesday 2 June – Year 9 Exams Commence

Wednesday 3 June – Year 9 Exams Conclude and Year 10 Exams Commence

Thursday 4 June – Year 8 English Exam

Friday 5 June – Year 8 Maths Exam and Year 11 Exams Conclude

Wednesday 10 June – Year 10 Exams Conclude

Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11 June – On Demand (Literacy & Numeracy) Testing for Year 7 & 8’s

Friday 12 June – Student Free Day. Report Writing Day for Staff.


All Year 12 Students, and any Year 11’s completing a Unit 3 & 4 subject have their GAT on Wednesday 10 June. It is important that all students sit the GAT and try their best. The GAT can be used for a derived exam score at the end of the year if a student is ill or unable to complete an exams.

Subject Selection 2016

Early in Term 3 we begin the subject selection process for 2016. Our current Year 9, 10 and 11 students will need to decide which subjects will suit them and their future pathways best. Our handbooks and subject selection presentation are available on the College Website. It is important that students finish Semester 1 well, and complete their exams to the best of their ability, all of their results are taken into account during subject selection. If students have not demonstrated their best effort or work ethic, the choices they have in future years will be limited.

Jodie Fitzgerald

Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching