On the 4th May the Outdoor and Environmental Studies unit 3 and 4 class along with the year 10 geography class went to CERES Environment Park, located on 4 hectares of reestablished landfill site in East Brunswick. We visited CERES (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) in an attempt to further our knowledge on urbanisation and actions to sustain healthy environments. I myself tagged along as the Sacred Earth Leader for Salesian College in 2015 hoping to gain some knowledge that may assist us in revitalising the College’s recycling program. The park aims to recreate the way of living in which nothing is disposable and everything can be reused. This is done through the use of their Ecohouse, Market garden, Bike restoration program and Energy park where all members of the public are encouraged to volunteer their time in return for knowledge or some freshly grown vegetables. At the beginning of the day we were split into two groups and throughout the course of the day we participated in four sessions directed towards learning about fossil fuels, renewable energy, the green building design and a guided tour of the parks. Each session included its own related activities, such as measuring the amount of carbon being released from a car exhaust in one minute, redirecting solar panels to figure out optimal solar orientation and discussing the benefit and disadvantages of particular building materials.

All in all we gained a lot from the experience as exposed us to a different ways of living that otherwise has been forgotten by modern day society and it demonstrated that there is no reason that eco friendly living couldn’t easily be adopted into our own lives. It also especially highlighted the idea that we may be seeing more and more of these energy efficient methods in our everyday lives due to the growing urgency of issues such as climate change.

Below are some quotes from the students about the day and what they learnt

Ceres is a fantastic place to learn about sustainability and how I could implement some of the methods and technology into my own life. The information we learnt was a real eye opener and using sustainable solutions is vital for the future of our deteriorating planet.

Kieran Tanner

Sustainable management is pivotal in the protection of our Earth's environment.

Olivia Flynn

Our CERES excursion was an amazing experience to see how farming should be done in today's society, and also to witness a community 'garden' in the middle of Brunswick which is pushing to fully rely on renewable energy.

Karl foster

Our excursion to CERES was very enlightening, we saw real world environmental issues, and saw the changes that need to be made first hand.

Nathan Miller


Thank you for taking the time to read my article.


Sarah Beattie

Year 12 Student