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Mazzarello Campus Welcomes Shirley Boys High

Working in conjunction with other schools is a major focus for the Mazzarello Campus. One of the connections the Campus has, is that of the 5 Schools Program. The 5 Schools Program is biannual Learning Conference between Toho High School Japan, Nanjing High School China, Marion Girls’ College New Zealand and Shirley Boys’ High New Zealand. This year Mazzarello and Shirley Boys’ High have deepened their relationship with a collaboration of learning and exeperience focussing around the Centenary Celebration of ANZAC Day.

Students from the Mazzarello Campus welcomed students from Shirley Boy’s High for an experience that will endure in the memories of all involved. Friday the 24th of April saw nine students from Shirley Boys’ travel from New Zealand to experience the celebrations of ANZAC Day. We hosted the New Zealnd students with eleven Mazzarello Campus students acting as hosts. All students involved spent Friday night at the Campus. The students participated in activities involving learning about each other, discussing important issues like AFL footy is much better than Rugby footy and culminating in an ANZAC Biscuit cook off. The students were asked to divide themselves in four groups, with each group having either an Australian or New Zealnd ANZAC biscuit recipe. The cook off at times followed the recipes to the letter or with some personal interpretations added. In the end each group was able to provide a biscuit worthy of judgment, however it was a unanimous decision that the Australian recipe was by far the better biscuit. Having nearly twice as much sugar in the recipe may have been the contributing factor.

It was then time to get to sleep and prepare for a 4am get up. Alarms went off and all rose at four with a quick drink and some ANZAC biscuits we headed off to Mt Macedon for the dawn service. The Dawn Service at Mount Macedon was a spectacle all would marvel at, with the atmosphere of silent reverential actions mixed with the mist and haze of the rising sun. the students were able to present a wreath at the service. At the conclusion of the service the groups was able to spend some time around the cross taking in the views and the atmosphere of the occasion.

The group headed back to the Campus and were able to share breakfast and continue to talk about the Dawn Service. Students were also able to assist in feeding our two Fresian calves and discover parts of the College. Everyone then packed up their gear and we headed for the Sunbury ANZAC Service, stopping along the way at the College’s Lone Pine tree.

At the conclusion of the Sunbury service we said our goodbyes to the Shirley Boys’ students full of excitement and eagerness to continue the collaboration and future projects. I would like to thank all students involved, giving up their own time to be part of the experience, Miss Zarb, Ms Morabito and Ms Kelly for giving up their time in making the experience a great experience.

Brendon Fogarty

Mazzarello Campus Director