Deputy Principal - Students

A reminder to all Parents of the Cyber Safety information session ‘Growing Up online’ that will be held on the 12 May at the College.  The session will begin at 7.00pm and will be held in the Mansion. Please note this is for parents only.  Refer to the flyer attached to this newsletter for more details.  You can rsvp to, or contact Bruno through the College.

Below is a snap shot of feedback we have sought from our Year 7 students who participated in Cyber Safety awareness session at the College a week ago.

Following the Cyber Safety session I had a deep and effective conversation with my parents about the session and its messages like changing passwords which I had already followed the instructions and expectations for.  I appreciated the visit by Susan just to let me know some more important information.

At the session with Susan Mclean, I learnt tips about how to improve your password and what your settings should be set to on Facebook.

This session also helped me to understand the dangers of social Media and how to avoid them, so when I do join the sites I'm am aware, safe and keep my details private while on them.

The session helped me to understand the dangers of the online world even more than I already did. As soon as the lesson was over, I thought about the things I could change to keep me even safer. I changed my Bluetooth, computer and device password, set up a strong defence force on my computer (firewall and spyware) and I talked to my parents about the session so they could understand where I was coming from on the changes towards my technology and online safety.

Following the cyber safety session I changed my Facebook privacy settings so now those it is more private and people who aren’t following me cannot see anything besides my profile pic.  She taught me how disgusting some kids are in our state, at the ages of ten.

I deleted kik messenger after I was made aware of how old you need to be and how dangerous it can be to be on it.

After the cyber safety session I

  • Have been more aware of the things I am posting.
  • Have learnt lots of things such as you should change your password twice a year so people can’t get into your account and don’t know your password.
  • Am now more aware of the dangers of having Instagram and Snapchat. 

I enjoyed the cyber safety session.

Following the cyber safety session I

  • Am now more aware of what I am posting.
  • Will now change more password a couple times a month/ year so it is more secure.
  • I am now aware of the dangers of having social media sites
  • At the Cyber Safety session I learnt I have to be 13 before I can uses Facebook
  • I also had to change my Bluetooth name

Following the Cyber Safety session I didn’t have to change anything because I am already being cyber safe. The key messages I took away were how I can create a safe face book account were only my friends or people I know can see what I’m doing.

I also learnt how careful you need to be online as there are some seriously weird people out there, and you need to stay clear from them.

I really enjoyed Susan Mclean talk on about cyber safety. Following the talk I had a big think.

  • I checked I made sure all my safe things stayed safe. 
  • I had a talk to my parents.
  • I even told my brothers about it and told them about what is happening out there.

Elaine Dugdale-Walker

Deputy Principal - Students