Bosco Campus News

Welcome back for Term 2

I trust that all students and their families took the opportunity to rest, reflect and spend time together over the Easter Break. This term is 11 weeks long and heavily scheduled with teaching,  assessments and other activities. It is therefore very important to ensure that students have a balance of study and leisure time to ensure that they are achieving their very best. For most students an increase in homework, study and revision time will see the greatest benefits and give student the best chance to set themselves up for future pathways.

I have attached a TSFX Study Tips page to this newsletter that makes some excellent suggestions about balancing the demands of school and a social life in the senior years of schooling.


General Achievement Test (GAT)

All Bosco Campus students undertaking a scored Unit 3 & 4 VCE or scored VET subject will sit the General Achievement Test (GAT) later this term. This test is a general knowledge test that the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) administer to gauge student achievement, school based assessment and also to moderate final examination results. There is no study or revision required for this test however it is extremely important that it is taken seriously and that all students try their very best to ensure the accuracy of results. The date of the GAT is Wednesday the 10th of June. Those students required to do the GAT will be briefed closer to the actual date.

Presentation Ball – Saturday the 2nd of May

Parents will be able to take photos of students on the day, prior to the event at the following venues if they so wished. Please note the latest time to leave Sunbury will be 1pm for 1.30pm start at Moonee Valley. Once students have been dropped or delivered to Moonee Valley parents will not be able to access or see them until they are formally presented later that evening.

Rupertswood Mansion will be open between 12pm – 1pm on Saturday the 2nd of May. Mrs Denise Carabott will be in attendance to arrange short photographic sessions. Limousines will be able to drive up to the front of the mansion for pick up.

Garden setting at Albert Road, Sunbury -  Individual students are to contact Mr Ken Conduit to arrange to attend on 0409 135 435

Year 11 & 12 VCE Assessment Schedule

To assist our Year 11 & 12 students in planning their upcoming workload we have put together a SAC (school assessed coursework) schedule for Term 2. This schedule should be used as a guide for when your son/daughter will have significant pieces of assessment throughout next term. It is subject to minor changes and subject teachers will inform class of exact dates. It could be a good idea to highlight your son/daughter’s subjects and place it in a prominent position, such as the fridge, so that everyone is aware of peak periods of work (& sometime stress!)

YEAR 11 Term 2 Assessment Schedule

YEAR 12 Term 2 Assessment Schedule

Driving to School and Parking Permits

Any student driving to school is reminded that they are bound by not only Victoria's Road Laws but also the College's rules and guidelines for vehicles on the property. Students must apply for a parking permit and sign an agreement before driving or parking their car onto the school property. The required forms are available from Mrs Carabott in the Bosco Campus office and then display the official parking permit at all times whilst on college grounds.

Best wishes for a productive and successful Term 2

Ray Messer

Bosco Campus Director