Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching


It was great to see so many of you at our recent Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews. I hope you received some honest, constructive feedback and also had the opportunity to check out our Daymap helpdesk.

Our next round of interviews will be for our Year 7 – 9 students, and they will run on Monday 22 June and Tuesday 23 June. These interviews will be with homeroom leaders and will be focussed on setting learning goals and reflecting on the report and previous goals. Giving students the opportunity to reflect on their learning and set goals ensures they think about how they learn best and how they can optimise their learning opportunities.

Learning how to learn is something we have been focused on at the College. Great learners are not always naturally bright but they have a repertoire of habits and strategies that they use to assist them. Great learners naturally know how to best manage their distractions, what to do when they are stuck, how to persevere when things get tough and how to capitalise on the resources available to them. Often we just go about the school day and don’t really stop to reflect on our learning and sometimes this is all we need to improve. Talking to your child about what they do in certain situations and how to manage the things that they have control over can assist them to become better learners, these strategies are developed by becoming conscious of them and practising them.


NAPLAN will run on 12, 13 & 14 of May for our Year 7 and 9 students. Whilst we don’t teach to NAPLAN we do encourage all of our students to participate and try their very best. The NAPLAN results, along with our On Demand test results, are used to inform our teaching and learning in the areas of literacy and numeracy. They also show you the progress and development of your child’s literacy and numeracy skills over time, particularly when you put all of the results together from Grade 3 to Year 9. Like in all aspects of school life we encourage every child to try their very best and take NAPLAN seriously.  

Jodie Fitzgerald

Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching