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Welcome back. I trust that our students had a restful break and are ready for a long winter term. As we head into the darker days and colder nights it is important that students are eating well, getting plenty of sleep and keeping warm to ensure they can cope with the long 11 week term in good health.

Student of the Term

Each term our Principal, Mr Brockhus gives an award to one student from each year level for their outstanding work ethic, effort and contribution to the College. The Savio nominees for Term 1 were:

Year 7 – Lachlan Gruber, Max Barker, Hannah Thorne and Alexandra Cairney

Year 8 – Isaac McKenzie and Kiara Shapcott

Many congratulations to Miette Lane-Welsh (Year 7) and Edith Spiers (Year 8) for being named Student of Term One in their respective year levels.

Premier League

Year 7 Premier League starts this term on Wednesday of Week 2. Congratulations to all who have been selected to represent the College. Students must remember that their school work takes precedence over Premier league and that all work commitments must still be met. Trainings and attendance at matches are not excuses for work not to be completed and those who struggle with this will be replaced in the team.

Students who have been chosen for teams need to return their permission slips to their coach in order to take part. No student can play unless they have returned their permission slip.

The expected uniform is PE uniform – dark blue T-shirt, blue shorts, white socks and runners. All Year 7 students may wear PE uniform to school on the days Premier League runs.

Social Justice

Congratulations to the Savio students who have been selected onto the Social Justice Student Action Team for this year: Jakob Kaucki, Rebecca Merrett, Nicholas Seisun, Ben Zarb, Jordan Salethial, Michelle Grover, Rick Daicos and Nikita Daicos.

It was also very pleasing to see the following Savio students join the Young Vinnies team: Chloe Dredge, Rick Daicos, Nikita Daicos, Perri James, Kate Jones and Michelle Grover. This team will be involved in many activities this year including our important sandwich making activity which provides for a food truck during the winter months.

Goal setting

Our students should now have had plenty of time to reflect on their interim report. They will be given time in the pastoral care program to set some goals around this early this term. Please take time to talk with your son or daughter about what they are aiming to achieve.


Narelle Stone