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Study Tips & Time

With Term 1 drawing to a close it is timely to reflect on the achievements of the past 8 weeks. It has been a short but busy term to start the 2015 academic year. All students on the Bosco Campus should be very aware of the importance of using their time wisely as time is one of those things that we can’t get back once it has passed. With this in mind I have included a page of helpful study tips from TSFX who also run workshops for VCE students during the holiday periods.

Year 12 Assessment Schedule

To assist our Year 12 students in planning their upcoming workload we have put together a SAC (school assessed coursework) schedule for Term 2. This schedule should be used as a guide for when your son/daughter will have significant pieces of assessment throughout next term. It is subject to minor changes and subject teachers will inform class of exact dates. It could be a good idea to highlight your son/daughter’s subjects and place it in a prominent position, such as the fridge, so that everyone is aware of peak periods of work (& sometime stress!)

I wish all Bosco families a safe and happy Easter break.

Ray Messer

Bosco Campus Director