Bosco Campus News

Assessment Tasks and Resit/Resubmit arrangements

There is some amazing student work and fantastic study efforts taking place both at school and at home and this is being reported by many staff in their classes, this is extremely encouraging and promising at this early stage of the year. However, for those students who do not spend enough time or seek assistance with their work there is a chance that they may be asked to resit or resubmit an Assessment Task or risk receiving an ‘N’ grade which has serious implication for their successful completion of Year 10 and/or VCE. Students who receive less than 50% on these important tasks are putting their future subject choices and pathways in jeopardy.

Year 10

On Friday the 13th of February all Year 10 students here at Salesian participated in the Keys Please seminar conducted by Sharon and Peter from VicRoads and Sunbury Police . The students were informed about Victoria’s graduated licensing system and the best way to get experience on the roads and become a safe and responsible driver. The seminars were very informative and should be an important part of the conversation around learning to drive. If you have a child in Year 10 please ask them about what they learnt on the day.

Year 11

Our Year 11 VCE students recently had a visit from the team at Elevate Education who took the students through effective study habits and ways to embed these practices into their class and homework to assist with the demands of the VCE. Elevate Education will return to the college later in the year for more seminars with our Year 11 and 12 students. These seminars are another important part of the support structures here at the college to ensure that all students can achieve their very best.

Presentation Ball

Our Year 11s are well underway now with their rehearsals for the Presentation Ball coming along very nicely in the Stadium. All girls should now have finalized the shoes that they intend to wear on the night and are required to rehearse in their shoes for the remaining rehearsals. Pictures of gowns can also be brought into rehearsals to check if they too meet the College guidelines.

Year 12

Career and Course Guidance

It is expected that all Year 12 students make an appointment with the Careers/Pathways Team before the end of Term 1. Over 100 students have already been through this process and have found it very valuable in terms of finding out future pathways of interest that they were not aware of. Any Year 12 student who has not yet seen Mr. Peter Krausz must make an appointment as soon as possible. Please ask your son/daughter about their appointment and feel free to contact Peter if you require further clarification on possible pathways and courses.

Driving to School and Parking Permits

Any student driving to school is reminded that they are bound by not only Victoria's Road Laws but also the College's rules and guidelines for vehicles on the property. Students must apply for a parking permit and sign an agreement before driving or parking their car onto the school property. The required forms are available from Mrs Carabott in the Bosco Campus office and then display the official parking permit at all times whilst on college grounds.


God bless

Mr Ray Messer

Bosco Campus Director (10-12)