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Mazzarello Campus Working Bee Saturday 28th February

One priority for the Mazzarello Campus has been to further develop our connections between the College and that of the wider College community, this began with our first Mazzarello Campus Working Bee. On Saturday 28th February staff, students and family members gathered together for a morning of communal weeding, planting, mulching and construction.

The morning saw a great amount of manual work completed. Works included, the clearing of the hillside adjacent to the Campus, removal of noxious plants, planting of native ground covers and the construction wheelbarrows to used by students during Discovery Ag sessions. It was an amazing effort by all, the saying of “many hands make light work” was one that described the morning’s efforts.

The morning concluded with a well deserved barbeque lunch. Further working bees are to be planned throughout the year. We would like to recognise the efforts of all participants who gave up their personal time for the College.


Year 9 ASH Program

Homework getting you down? Need some extra assistance with the latest assessment task? Want to get some extra study practice for the next test or exam? The Mazzarello Campus would like to launch the Year 9 Afterschool Homework (ASH) program. Like the BASH program, Year 9 students are welcome to attend afterschool homework sessions within the Mazzarello Campus. CORE teachers of the Campus will be in attendance each Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm to assist Year 9 with their homework, assessment tasks and study skills. Students are encouraged to attend these sessions with a predetermined set subject or goal for the session. Students can be advised on project work, writing skills and numeracy skills. It could even be utilised as a time when project groups can get together to collaborate on assessment projects. We look forward to students utilising their resourcefulness, perseverance and meta-learning during the ASH program.

Should anyone have any concerns or questions in regards to future Working Bees or the ASH program, please do not hesitate to contact myself at .

Brendon Fogarty 

Mazzarello Campus Director