Deputy Principal - Mission & Faith

College Icons

The Catholic identity of Salesian College is central to all we do here at “Rupertswood”.  In fact the first section of the College’s School Improvement Framework is devoted to strengthening the Catholic culture and identity of the College.  The fourth CLEF statement is “FAITH” – we are a Catholic faith community.  Visible signs of our faith are an important way to communicate this faith.  With this in mind Icons are displayed in all classrooms representing Dominic Savio (Year 7 and 8 Savio Campus), Maria Mazzarello (Year 9 Mazzarello Campus) and Don Bosco (Year 10-12 Bosco Campus). Icons are religious images which are used for devotional and teaching purposes.  They present real opportunities for our students to become familiar with the Salesian story and the wonderful way God has worked through people.


In addition, all classrooms have the San Damiano Cross placed on the wall.  This is the icon that in the year 1206 spoke to Saint Francis of Assisi asking him to rebuild God’s Church. 

In the next Newsletter I will outline the deep meaning and significant of this Cross and the opportunities it gives the College to explain the message of Jesus and the Gospels.

Dr Michael Grace

Deputy Principal - Mission & Faith