Deputy Principal - Students

Public Transport Victoria:

Information regarding concession travel ticketing arrangements (concession cards and student pass) for Victorian School Students using Public Transport can be found on the following website:

Upcoming Events:

27 Feb: St John Bosco Feast Day Mass

                  Bosco Campus Swim Carnival

6 March: Savio Campus Feast Day Mass-

6 March:  Recess – Period 4: Junior Swimming Carnival- Year 7-9

What to wear to school: Students are to wear sports uniform (shorts or tracksuit pants) and House Tee shirt on the day.  After Mass, students may then change into themed costumes for the actual swimming Carnival. At the end of the day, students must be back in Sports Uniform and House Tee Shirt.

Theme for the day: refer to the article in the newsletter from the Sports Captains

The House Swimming Carnival is an event at the College that is always filled with great swimming, lots of fun and fantastic House Spirit.  All students are encouraged to get involved and participate in lots of ways.  Parents and students are reminded that this a compulsory day for all Bosco Students: medical certificate in required for non-attendance.

Uniform Survey:

Thank you to the many families who participated in the Uniform Survey in Term IV last year.  All responses have been collated and a comprehensive summary will be published to the College website next week. In addition to parent feedback, we sought feedback from staff and students in Years 7-11.  Most of the feedback suggested the current uniform was acceptable, however, some areas such as quality and warmth of some garments could be addressed. A snap shot of some comments are:

Include trousers as an option for girls
Warmer Blazer
Rugby Jumper could be modernised
Tracksuit may be more appropriate
Inconsistency in monitoring uniform
Dress lengths are always an issue
Poor quality material for dressed  and does not allow for different body shapes
Enforcement of the uniform is too strict
Need a cooler design for the House Tops
Tartan skirt is too scratchy and looks depressing
Collar is too tight on long sleeve shirt
Clear the policy on wearing of the sports spray jacket

At this point in time the College has not made any decision to change the uniform. If a change to the College Uniform is discussed please be reassured that consultation will occur, and a lengthy transition process will take place. 

Elaine Dugdale-Walker

Deputy Principal - Students