Savio Campus News

Savio Campus News

Savio Student Leaders

Today the Savio Student Leaders for 2015 were presented with their badges of office at the first Savio Campus Assembly for the year. These students have been chosen following an extensive application process. All have exhibited an excellent attitude to their studies, a commitment to College activities and care and consideration for others. Congratulations to the following students:

Campus Captains                         

Michaela Frantz OY3

Isaac McKenzie CN1

Campus Vice Captains                 

Shannon Horton MP2

Luke Atkins NN2

Liturgy Captains                             

Jessica Clarke MX 2

Kyle Anderson MX3

Arts Captains                                  

Courtney Oehms MX3

James Dillon OY1

Learning Captains                         

Grace Avenell-Thompson MX2

Jakob Kaucki OY3

Sacred Earth Captains                  

Edith Spiers OY3

Ronan Coughlan BL3

Social Justice Captains                

Rebecca Merrett MY3

Nicholas Seisun MO3

Sports Captains                             

Keara Fitzgerald CN2

Harrison Jones OY2


Top Academic Students

The following students placed in the top 5 in their year based on the Semester 2 reports. Well done to:

Ebony Carlin with an average of 87.1%, Michaela Frantz with an average of 88.2%, Fiat Capule with an average of 90.5% and Jessica Clarke with an average of 90.6%.

The top student for Semester 2 in Year 7 2014 was Edith Spiers with an average of 91.7%.

Top Work Effort

The maximum effort points that were awarded on the Semester 2 reports 2014 was 45. 38 points were gained by Grace Avenell –Thompson, Finn Callinan, Taylah Markham and Kristina Matesevac. 39 points were gained by Jakob Kaucki and Timothy Zarb. With 40 points was Jessica Clarke and with 42 points was Edith Spiers. Well done to these students.


The following students were awarded commendations at our Assembly:

Chloe Dredge for a fantastic piece of House Art work she completed in the holidays and Rick Daicos for being awarded the Kiwianis Club Sunbury Young Person of the Year.

Year 7 Camp

We look forward to Year 7 camp in week 4. A reminder that students need to come to school on the day of departure in their runners, House top and wearing a hat. Please direct any questions to the Homeroom Leader.

Narelle Stone