Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

We have calmly settled back into our learning and teaching routines and I have been most impressed by how seriously our students are taking their learning and education. Our classroom teachers have been working hard planning learning sequences that are engaging and challenging for our students. We are still focusing on embedding our Building Learning Power skills into our curriculum and as a school have been focusing on “Relationships”, starting by developing empathy and listening in our classroom spaces.

As I walk around the school and visit classrooms I see lots of exciting and varied learning activities taking place. Our Year 12’s have been working hard to develop their persuasive techniques for their oral presentations, our Year 9’s have been learning about the industrial revolution and statistics and our Year 7’s have been enthusiastically getting into their electives. It’s not what our students are learning about but rather how they are learning that has been most impressive. The classrooms I visited demonstrated great variety and flexibility in how the students were learning. Some students were working independently, using Stile to watch video tutorials that their teachers had made. Whilst, other students chose to work collaboratively helping each other solve equations or providing advice on persuasive rebuttals.

Last week we also had our College Open Day so many of you also got to see our classrooms in action. I hope you felt the same sense of optimism and joy that I did whilst visiting classrooms. Many of our visitors commented on how impressed they were with our classrooms, and the enthusiastic, well-mannered way that our students conduct themselves. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful student tour guides who volunteered to take groups around and answer questions from our guests.

If you haven’t already logged on to Daymap this year I would really encourage you to do so. Your child can show you how. We really recommend that you log in using your child’s user name and password so that you have access to our lesson aims and plans. The reason we publish them is so that our students have a very explicit understanding of the purpose of our lessons. If they explicitly know what we are aiming for then they can strive to achieve these aims. Our lesson plans are presented in a simple manner so that students can catch up if they miss classes or stay a step ahead in their study and planning for each lesson. We are working hard as a school to develop students who are autonomous, confident and motivated learners and Daymap is another tool at our disposal to enable this to occur. 

Jodie Fitzgerald

Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching