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Michael Carr-Gregg returns to Rupertswood

At our Year 12 Information Night last Wednesday we were very fortunate to have a special celebrity guest in adolescent psychologist and author, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, who came to address our Year 12s with tips from his best-selling book, “Surviving Year 12”. After a 36 degree day the cool change had come through Sunbury and the capacity crowd were in for a treat.

Michael shared his decades of experience, research and common sense tips with our Year 12 students and parents to enable them to improve their overall wellbeing, mental health, study success and life beyond school. Students and parents alike enjoyed Michael’s informative presentation, no nonsense approach and good humour. There was certainly no shortage of laughter and enlightenment in Lakeside Stadium.

We have featured some of Michael’s general tips this newsletter and will highlight other more specific tips over the coming weeks. I also encourage you to read Michael’s book so that you can best support your son or daughter through the often stressful final years of schooling. The College will be placing a bulk order for copies of Michael’s book so if you would like to reserve a copy at the discounted price of $20 please contact the library and place an order.


Study Periods at School and Homework

As an added support for students in Year 11 and 12 we have provided time and spaces for private study here at school. Every Tuesday during period 3 all Year 11 students have an allocated 75 minute supervised study period where they can revise, complete homework or study relevant class work. Our Year 12s have three of these supervised sessions per week and should be making the most of this time and their teachers to maximise their learning and results. All families are encouraged to remind their sons and daughters undertaking a VCE subject that 2-3 hours per night of homework and study is also required at the Senior years.

Assessment Tasks and Resit/Resubmit arrangements

There is some amazing student work and fantastic study efforts taking place both at school and at home and this is being reported by many staff in their classes, this is extremely encouraging and promising at this early stage of the year. However, for those students who do not spend enough time or seek assistance with their work there is a chance that they may be asked to resit or resubmit an Assessment Task or risk receiving an ‘N’ grade which has serious implication for their VCE. Students who receive less than 50% on these important tasks are putting their VCE in jeopardy.

Driving to School and Parking Permits

Any student driving to school is reminded that they are bound by not only Victoria's Road Laws but also the College's rules and guidelines for vehicles on the property. Students must apply for a parking permit and sign an agreement before driving or parking their car onto the school property. The required forms are available from Mrs Carabott in the Bosco Campus office and then display the official parking permit at all times whilst on college grounds.

Presentation Ball

Our Year 11s are well underway now with their rehearsals for the Presentation Ball and having seen their dance steps I can proudly say that things are starting to come together. All girls should now have finalized the shoes that they intend to wear on the night as they will be required to rehearse in them from Tuesday the 3rd of March onwards. Pictures of gowns can also be brought into rehearsals to check if they too meet the College guidelines.

I wish all Bosco students and their families the very best.

Mr Ray Messer

Bosco Campus Director (10-12)


Tips for Improving Homework, Scores and Overall Wellbeing

Sleep - 8.25 to 9.25 hours per night- Deep R.E.M. sleep is the most important for recovery and storing the day’s information into the Long Term Memory. Stimulant drinks such as coffee, Red Bull, Mother etc. are extremely disruptive to a good night’s sleep and should be avoided, especially after 5pm. Warm milk and peppermint tea can help calm the body and assist with getting off to sleep.

Feed your brain - Breakfast is extremely important. Cereal, orange juice, eggs, yoghurt, fish oil, blueberries and avocado are all foods that have not only health benefits but have also proven to assist in learning and the retention of information.

Study Area – It is essential that students have a specific and specialled study space that they can use. Studies have proven that returning to the same place at the same time to study each day improves learning and will set up a great routine for the future that will form into a productive habit. The area doesn’t need to be fancy but should be well lit and have a supportive chair.

Don't overdo the part time work - 10 hours maximum. Balance is the key for success in the senior years of schooling and too much of anything is detrimental to effective learning and a healthy lifestyle. Whether its Sport, Study, a Part-Time Job, Chores around the house, Music/Dance practice performance etc. all elements of life should be kept in moderation. Yes, the extra money from a part-time job might feel good, but will it cost you in the longer term when you miss out on a job that you really want later in life? We have to consider the Short-Term (2 years) vs Long-Term (50 years) of income.

Regular exercise  - Walking is absolutely the most secure and natural type of exercise that you are able to do, we all should do at least 30 minutes of fast walking per day. Walking is easy to fit in between study, sport, work and family commitments and doesn’t require specific shoes, exercise clothes, or equipment or machines. You can walk on your own, walk together with your friends, you may also walk to your school/work. All of this walking can add up, and you do not need to go out of your way just to do it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the benefits…so too will your teachers!

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