Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

Welcome back! I trust everyone had some much needed rest and time to catch up with family and friends over the festive season. We have had a very positive start to our 2015 school year and I commend our students for the way that they have conducted themselves over the last couple of days. It was also wonderful to meet many of our new students at our recent orientation day, our Year 7 students and those of you returning to the College this year. I look forward to working and learning with you all this year.

A school of this size can be a big place for many of our students. As parents and guardians it’s important to remember that good communication between school and home is paramount. Your child’s homeroom and classroom teachers are the most important people in your child’s school life because they see them frequently. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to pass on information we strongly recommend that you start with the homeroom and classroom teacher. It is important for a school of this size to have effective and clear lines of communication and these people are your starting points.

Remember that every Wednesday we offer Before and After School Homework Help (B.A.S.H.H) in the Learning Strategies Classroom, which is in b-block. This program has gone from strength to strength and it’s because of our dedicated Learning Strategies Team, Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Staff. We hear excellent feedback from the students who attend. As well as B.A.S.H.H, we also have a well-resourced Learning Centre (sometimes called the Library), this area is open for students before and after school every day. It’s a great place for them to do homework and study, and can have less distractions than home. 

In order to improve communication between home and the College we use a system called Daymap to publish our lesson learning aims, brief lesson plans, assessments and grades/feedback. Although you can login as a parent, I would strongly encourage you to obtain your child’s login details and login to Daymap as them. This seems to be the most effective and efficient way to access their information. Daymap also gives you access to our daily Student Bulletins, which gives you a really good idea of the activities that are coming up at school.

We are all really looking forward to 2015, which for us is a year of celebration of Don Bosco and the wonderful educational setting and students that we are privileged to work with.

2014 VCE Results Summary

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the class of 2014 for their excellent VCE results. Our Median Study Score has been steadily increasing and is now at 30.2. We have also had a higher percentage of study scores above 40, which has been a focus of our strategic plan. Chloe Stubbs was Dux of the College with an ATAR of 98.95, followed closely by Islay Pittaway with 97.6 and Bridget Coutts with 96.1. Islay Pittaway finished with a perfect score of 50 in Food and Technology, Hannah Zarb achieved a score of 47 in English and Chloe Stubbs achieved two study scores of 47 for Legal Studies and Psychology.  

Submission of Work Policy

As already mentioned, we are working hard as a school to improve our communication with you. It’s therefore important that we make you aware if work is not submitted by the due date or if a reasonable standard has not been met. Therefore if your child fails to submit work when it is due you will receive an automatically generated SMS or a letter, or both. Please don’t respond to the SMS but if you do require further clarification please contact the classroom teacher.


It is imperative that we have signed permission slips and medical forms one day in advance so that our staff can appropriately plan for the excursion. We cannot take students outside of the school grounds unless a formal, school permission slip has been signed. Please don’t give your child a note in their diary or on a piece of paper. Failure to have this slip returned in advance will result in your child staying back at school and not attending the excursion. Phone permission is also not something that we can accept. Thanks in advance for your support with this. 

Jodie Fitzgerald

Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching