Deputy Principal - Students

Welcome back to 2015.  It is lovely to see the school alive with students.  I especially welcome not only the Year 7s to the school, but the new students to the school in Years 8-12.  We hope that you feel part of the community very soon.  To families new to the school can I encourage you to make contact with your child’s Homeroom Leader (HRL).  The key role of the Homeroom Leaders is to work with and for the students to ensure they achieve their best.  Frequent communication will allow school/home to work together.

A focus for Term 1 for all teachers and staff will be on building relationships with the students.  Once students feel they are known and valued, the learning can begin.  The upcoming Year 7 camp is an amazing opportunity for students to build new friendships and get to know staff in a more relaxed environment.

As Deputy Principal-Students some key aspects of my role involve:

  • Student Leadership
  • eSmart
  • Restorative Justice
  • School Uniform
  • Behaviour Management
  • Student Wellbeing Team

Over the next term I will go into more detail regarding the updates and direction of some of these key portfolios.

I would like to wish all students and families at Salesian a wonderful year.  A year where new friendships are made, where old ones continue to flourish, and where each individual has the opportunity to develop in an environment where wellbeing is integral to learning and consciously connects wellbeing to student achievement (School Improvement Plan 2013-2016, Student Wellbeing Goal).


Elaine Dugdale-Walker

Deputy Principal - Students