Savio Campus News

It was with excitement that we welcomed 222 new Year 7 students and our returning Year 8 students for the beginning of the school year.

Our Year 7 students have been assigned a Year 10 Buddy who they spent time with in the first 2 days of school. This relationship will be ongoing as part of our Pastoral sessions for Semester One. Many thanks to the Year 10 students who have done a wonderful job so far.

Students will be bringing home information regarding Year 7 camp over the coming days and this will be a wonderful opportunity for students to bond with their teachers and each other and create lasting House spirit.

Parents of Year 7 students should be advised that homework is limited to one 20 minute session per week per subject along with 20 minutes reading each night for English. This will allow students time to settle into the rigors of Secondary School as they cope with a larger number of teachers, subjects and room changes. Year 8 students should expect homework as per usual.

Our school management system DayMap is available for access by parents. Entry is via the College website under the heading Location and Contacts then Link to Daymap. You can access DayMap using the following username SCR\123456 where “SCR\” refers to the College’s computer network and “123456” is your College parent code, which can be found on your College fees invoice. The password is the reverse of this number, i.e. your password is 654321. 

On the system you will find information regarding your child’s classes, assessment, homework, lesson aims and tasks. This is valuable information for parents as well as students who may be absent as they can see what work they have missed.

It will be a busy term no doubt and I look forward to working closely with all students and their families over the coming weeks. In most instances the first point of contact for parents and students is the Homeroom Leader but feel free to contact either myself or the House Leader with any particular concerns.

Narelle Stone

Savio Campus Director