Deputy Principal - Mission & Faith

Welcome back, Happy New Year and happy 200th anniversary of the birth of Don Bosco!

I hope everyone is rested and ready to go. 2015 promises to be a year of celebration and excitement!  We are ?already celebrating Don Bosco’s 200th birthday with new flags and banners around the school with our distinctive 200th logo (see opposite).  This year to highlight our celebration of Don Bosco’s birth (to be held in August) we will have this celebration as our only whole school Feast Day and Mass for the year.  However, in addition we will introduce for the first time at the College, Campus Feast Days.  The Year 10, 11 and 12 Bosco Campus will celebrate its Feast Day on Friday 27 February and Savio Campus (Year 7 and 8) will follow closely on the following Friday 6 March.  These feast Days will be linked with our Swimming Carnivals.  The Year 9 Mazzarello Campus will celebrate their Feast Day on May 11.

This year’s Strenna (message from the Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr Angel Fernandez) focuses on being with the young like Don Bosco.  Fr Angel says of Don Bosco:

                          For Don Bosco, precisely because he felt that he was involved in the plan of God, … meant loving                               young people whatever might be their condition or circumstances, in order to lead them to the                                       fullness of that human life that was found in the Lord Jesus and which took practical form in the                                     possibility of living as an upright citizen and a child of God.

This for us here at Salesian College “Rupertswood” this is our goal, to be with the young, getting to know them in their own setting.

And for those who are not fully aware of my role in the school:  As Deputy Principal, Mission and Faith I have accountability to students, parents, staff and the wider Catholic community for the vision and mission of the school, its Catholic Identity including our commitment to social justice and the charism of the Salesians of Don Bosco including Don Bosco’s pedagogy.  Also, in conjunction with the Principal, I oversee some of the recruitment, mentoring, development and appraisal of staff as well as other matters relating to administration, communication, strategic planning and policy review and development.  I can be contacted through email on: or through a call to the school on 9744 0000.

Dr Michael Grace

Deputy Principal - Mission & Faith