Certantes is the magazine of Salesian College Sunbury Alumni. Its name comes from the Latin word Certantes In Vita  – Striving in Life.

This publication focuses on the lives and stories of former students, teachers and staff members of the College since 1929.

It aims to showcase the lives of College  graduates, both past and present, by highlighting their contribution to the world and the life journey they have taken.

 If you would like to contribute to our upcoming Certantes or if  you have some news to share, please contact our Development and Marketing Manager, Kerri Pozaic on phone 9744-000 or email alumni@scr.vic.edu.au.

It is our 90th year so we in particular would like to hear from you now!



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Issue 1 November 2013

Issue 2 November 2014 

Issue 3 September 2015

Issue 4 September 2016