Child Safe Standards

Central to our values of community, learning, excellence and faith is an unequivocal commitment to fostering the dignity, self- esteem and integrity of children and young people and providing them with a safe, supportive and enriching environment to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

The following principles underpin our commitment to child safety at Salesian College Sunbury:

  • All students deserve, as a fundamental right, safety and protection from all forms of abuse and neglect.
  • Our school works in partnership with families and the community to ensure that they are engaged in decision-making processes, particularly those that have an impact on child safety and protection.
  • All students have the right to a thorough and systematic education in all aspects of personal safety, in partnership with their parents/guardians/caregivers.
  • All adults in our school, including teaching and non-teaching staff, clergy, volunteers, and contractors, have a responsibility to care for children and young people, to positively promote their wellbeing and to protect them from any kind of harm or abuse.
  • The policies, guidelines and codes of conduct for the care, wellbeing and protection of students are based on honest, respectful and trusting relationships between adults and children and young people.
  • Policies and practices demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements and cooperation with the Church, governments, the police and human services agencies.
  • All persons involved in situations where harm is suspected or disclosed must be treated with sensitivity, dignity and respect.
  • Staff, clergy, volunteers, contractors, parents and students should feel free to raise concerns about child safety, knowing these will be taken seriously by school leadership.
  • Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained, with information being provided to those who have a right or a need to be informed, either legally or pastorally.

Ministerial order 870 is a key part of the Government’s response to the recommendations of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non-Government Organisations.

Salesian College Sunbury supports the Ministerial Order and Child Safe Standards to ensure protection of all children, believing:

  • All students enrolled at the College have the right to feel safe and be safe.
  • The wellbeing of children in our care will always be our first priority and we do not and will not tolerate child abuse.
  • We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children are free to enjoy life to the full without any concern for their safety.
  • There is particular attention paid to the most vulnerable children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with a disability.

Salesian College Sunbury – Child Safety Policy

Child Protection – Reporting Obligations Policy

Staff Code of Conduct - Procedure

Salesian College has appointed a Child Protection Officer who is available to answer any questions that you may have with respect to our Child Safety and Child Protection – Reporting Obligations policies.

Mr Bernie Monagle | Salesian College Sunbury Counsellor | email:

The College’s Child Protection Officer is your first point of contact for reporting child protection issues within the College. The Officer received special training that allows them to deal with child protection concerns both sensitively, professionally, and effectively.

Child Abuse includes:

  • Sexual offences
  • Grooming
  • Physical violence
  • Serious emotional or psychological harm, serious neglect, and
  • Family violence, or exposure to family violence.

If you have any concern that a child may be experiencing any form of abuse, whether or not you have a belief on reasonable grounds that the abuse has occurred, you should immediately raise your concerns with our Child Protection Officer.

The welfare and best interests of the child are paramount. Whenever there are concerns that a child is in immediate danger the Police should be called on 000.

Information relating to Catholic Education’s commitment to the new Ministerial Standards is also available on the CECV Child Safety website