LOTE, Italian, Immersion, Language

Languages and trips

In today's increasingly connected and multicultural world, it is important that our students have the essential life skill of navigating through different cultural contexts.

Through our immersion and Language Programs, students develop strategies to:

  • Respect different cultures
  • Foster and build community cohension, and
  • Facilitate intercultural understanding and positive engagement with other countries and students.

Language activities

Throughout the year, the Languages Faculty delivers an engaging and meaningful curriculum. Our courses endeavor to prepare students with skills. Activities such has excursions to museums, galleries, gardens and restaurants, allow students to experience aspects of the culture in local surrounds.  In addition, immersion and study tours may be organised for language students. 

Languages on offer

Language study has been shown to develop thinking skills.  Studying a language other than English contributes to the overall education of students in the areas of communication, literacy, general knowledge and cross-cultural understanding. Salesian College Sunbury offers two language subjects from Years 7 to 12:

  • Japanese
  • Italian

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