School Fees

The 2017 School Fees and Levies have now been finalised. For more information please click the link below to read the structure and payment options.

2018 Tuition Fees Levies and Charges (word document)
Tuition Fees Levies and Charges (PDF document)

2018 Paymnet Plan Options (PDF document)

2018 Payment Plan Options form (Excel)

(CSEF) Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund - Application Form

For any queries regarding the above, please phone College Registrar on 9744 000 alternatively speak with our Reception.

This fee covers the cost of conducting the educational programs and providing educational experiences, equipment, materials and resources. It includes:

  •     Subject resources, materials and equipment
  •     Teaching resources and materials
  •     Classroom, workshop and specialist equipment
  •     Library resources and equipment
  •     Pastoral Care resources
  •     Targeted learning initiative, including study skills resources
  •     Student diaries
  •     Yearly calendar
  •     Yearbook
  •     Library ID card for students
  •     Awards and presentations, medals and badges

The ALL INCLUSIVE fee offers a six year educational package with curriculum offerings accessible by all families, except for other fees and levies that are optional or non-compulsory. 

Fee difficulties

The College recognises that from time to time families will suffer financial difficulties. If you think you will experience or are are expecting to experience difficulties paying College fees please contact our Finance Department on 9744 0000. Assistance is available where genuine need exists. Confidentiality is assured.